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BTG 180

Multiple ways to earn income

When you become part of our affiliate network, the BTG Ambassador Club, you get to share in company revenues. Our Affiliate Program is designed to give you the ability to get paid what you are truly worth through various private company revenue sharing income streams.

Here is a quick overview of some of the income streams our BTG Ambassador affiliates receive when they enroll as an affiliate and meet some requirements and qualifiers:

Enroller Bonus

Want fast cash? Get 15% on the Business-in-a-Box sales of all of your personal referrals, paid in days.

Elite Expansion Bonus

For all of the real builders, this is where it gets fun. Earn up to 20% on the BIB sales from your 4th referral on. And this pays on all of their first 3, and their first 3, and so on with no limits!

Mentor Matching Bonus

Know a few good networkers? Get them in fast and earn up to a 100% matching bonus on all of the Expansion Bonuses of your first 3 referrals. This pays on their entire expansion team with no limits.

Retail Commissions

Earn up to 100% of the retail commissions generated through sales on your FREE replicated website marketing system.

Daily Revenue Share Pool

Earn points with all BIB purchases and qualify to share in the Daily Revenue Share Pool which pays out 10% of the net company sales daily.

Subscription Bonus Pools

Now this is revenue sharing on steroids. Affiliates can qualify for 10 bonus pools containing up to 50% of all subscription revenues worldwide, paid monthly.

Quarterly 6-Figure Bonus

Our Presidential Ambassadors can qualify for $100,000 quarterly bonuses with as few as 6,000 Affiliates worldwide- that’s $400,000 per year guaranteed, plus all other pools and commissions!

"MillionAYear" Club

Reaching Presidential Elite guarantees $1 million in bonuses plus all of the other pools and commissions. This can be accomplished by driving volume through just 2 legs and with only 4 personal referrals.